Tonight Old Friend

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old friend

I immerse myself in you

Wanting you same

as I always did

When we were young

and the violet Jacaranda

fell carelessly in

hazy blooms

around our feet


though we were still

freshly blossomed;

Both busy reaping

the sky of stars,

On occasion

I fell into you,



and light in passing

And though

You said

we’d be doing


into our 60’s

It seemed

to me


that the delights and sensations of spring

could last for endless nights.

I touch you now

your belly

unexpectedly round

beneath my mouth

Your lips

open to receive me

and though we are both older

by decades

when I kiss you

I feel a subcutaneous youth,


surfacing from deep within

My lips

are yours

and my thighs

My longing is both endless and urgent


Your body lends itself to me

and I can be as selfish as I choose

in choosing you

The feel of you  evokes

so much light in me

that my fingertips

burst with sunshine

Tonight the smile will not

leave my eyes

or my soul

stop from spinning

and I cannot be damned for the

laughter you make well from me

or the way my body remembers

As if we had not spent mere hours together

in this life

but lifetimes with every hour.


Debra Watson will be performing at the Poetry Brothel on 2nd July at Vout-o-Renees. For more information click here.

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