The Ferocity of Necessity

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This head of mine tells me stories
Of predictable gloom, of past pain.
So I have to trust my heart and its
Sudden surge of feeling, which
Catches me unawares and races
Towards the smell of your familiarity
And our conjoining.

We are so entwined now that I am
Inconsolable without you near me.
Can you feel this force field that
Pulls us nearer, that demands 
Our togetherness with the Ferocity
Of Necessity?

It is, I think, the power of love
And a need that must be met.
It hinges on our absolute loyalty
that must be forged in fire like
The strongest iron, unbreakable
and tested in the heat of passion.

And witnessed in a sacred ritual
in words straight from God, 
One to the other.

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