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AofA Interview: Zak Jane Keir – Erotic Author

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zak Jane Keir is an erotic author and has been writing about the fetish scene ā€“ and participating in it ā€“ for roughly twenty years. Formerly the club reporter for Forum and Swingmag, she was most recently published in Goodbye Moderation: Lust: Volume 1 (Seven Deadly Sins). PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF, YOUR NAME, WHAT YOU DO, […]

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Silver Desire: How an Erotic Anthology for the Older Reader was Born

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since I spent most of my adult life working on top-shelf magazines and reviewing fetish clubs, I found it quite easy to be comfortable in my own skin. I never feared aging, as my appearance had never been my main selling point. Even when I was younger, I believed that the fact that I was […]