Reading Time: 3 minutes

Is Monogamy a Monotony?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is a long marriage a drag? Is sex within that marriage inevitably going to become stale and insipid after a few decades? Will you get to know each other so well that nothing is ever surprising anymore? Ever a real turn on? And more to the point did I ask myself these questions when I […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Stroking Naked Men

Reading Time: 4 minutes I started stroking naked men for money in 2007. It feels light years ago. Not so much in linear distance, but more in the sense of understanding from this nine years later perspective, what it was I was doing. Back then it was simply a call to heart that sang out clear and true, even […]

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Why I’ve Always Loved Younger Men

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why I’ve always loved younger men…. Younger men… now there’s a damning phrase if you are an older woman. Branded as cougar, cradle-snatcher, why is it that all those rather unpleasant epithets never get showered on men who prefer ‘a younger model’? I’ve always been open about my preference, recognising it’s fundamentally part of who […]