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Falstaff vs Smokey Robinson: turning sixty during lockdown

Reading Time: 8 minutes Nick Coleman is newly 60, and an author who used to be a music critic at Time Out and the Independent.  I turned sixty in April, at a relatively early stage of the coronavirus lockdown. The day dawned for me, as it does nearly every morning, with the sound of a north-east-London blackbird giving it […]

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A Breath Before Sixty

Reading Time: 5 minutes My hair is grey. I return from my hairdresser having had the last bits of colour chopped out.  I’m now sporting a choppy, silver and pepper pot, topknot, not entirely dissimilar from my beloved dog. I don’t fully understand the impulse to grow out the colour, which had me ditch the hair dye in April. […]

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OLD, OLD, OLD – Let’s Take It Back

Reading Time: 6 minutes Old – English ald, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch oud and German alt, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘adult’, shared by Latin alere ‘nourish’. I was writing this piece before AoA – Suzanne Noble and I – went to the Byline Festival in East Sussex at the end of August 2018 where we gave a workshop there around the […]