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Shanks’ Pony: Travels on my feet.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Some of my earliest memories, growing up as a child in inner-city London, involve walking. Walking everywhere. I recall trotting alongside my mum, her pushing my sister in a pushchair whilst I clung onto the side handle as we marched, always purposefully, along city streets, through parks, over bridges, past shops and offices and through […]

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After a Sixty Year Wait, I Found my Long-Lost Cousin and Auschwitz Survivor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Things can change quickly, even in your 60s and beyond. I was surprised how my looming 60th birthday stood tall, faced me and asked, ‘What’s the deepest, most heartfelt thing on your Bucket List?’ For me, it was to explore our family mysteries. I grabbed the chance. It was life-changing. The lesson: Seize the Day! […]

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Travelling with my Adult Son – me 65, him 32

Reading Time: 16 minutes ‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.’ Andre Gide Did we lose sight of the shore? Not quite but we closed our eyes for a few minutes along the way. Recently, my son Marlon and I went travelling together in Senegal. We were, it turns out, […]

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One Woman Who Made Her Travel Dreams Come True

Reading Time: 5 minutes During my teenage years, growing up Melbourne, Australia during the 1970s, travel was never far from my mind. With a father who had experienced the romance of ship travel in the Orient and my mother who was immigrant from a Second World War London, wanderlust was in my heart just waiting to blossom. It was […]

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Dream, Plan, Go!

Reading Time: 8 minutes How do you go from fantasizing about travelling to actually boarding a plane and letting your dreams take flight? You’ve been imagining travelling to a dream destination for years, but how do you make that leap from reverie to reality? Thoughtful planning and preparation are the keys to unlocking your fantasy vacation! My husband Reggie, […]