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The Culture Interview – Louise Kleboe, singer

Reading Time: 7 minutes Louise Kleboe is a singer and composer, plus she plays piano and guitar. She was born in Cornwall and was brought up in the Orkney Islands. She currently lives in Clerkenwell, London. Her voice is operatic and her attitude and singing have been compared to Kate Bush. She opened the Glastonbury Festival in 2017 and […]

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AofA Interview: Ray Jones – Singer/Songwriter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ray Jones, 65, is a Portobello veteran despite his Taff roots. Infamously, he edited the Roughler in the 80s, which a Portobello mixture of Tatler and Sniffin’ Glue. More recently, he has published 3,000 Hangovers Later which is a compelling photographic account of The Warwick Castle during the same era. Ever-prolific, he now has a […]