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AofA People: Julie Williams – Dog Groomer, Reiki Master, Coach

Reading Time: 7 minutes Julie Williams, 61, runs a mobile dog grooming business called Gentle Friends, is a Reiki Master teacher and the founder of Active Connection, a series of Soul Coaching sessions. Age (in years)   61 Where do you live?  Stockport, Greater Manchester What do you do? I run a mobile dog grooming business called Gentle Friends with […]

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The Story Behind Silver Tent – A Movement for Post-Menopausal Women

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Christmas after I turned 59 was my dark night of the soul. For the first time, I honestly faced the nagging concern I’d had for so many years – I’d messed up! I’d messed up by choosing not to take my place at university all those decades ago. Fear had kept on stopping me […]