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A Post-Menopausal Woman’s Perspective on Viagra

Reading Time: 2 minutes Take one middle-aged guy with a decent understanding of the female anatomy, one postmenopausal woman and add a dash of Viagra and what do you have? A recipe for red-hot sex that goes on and on and on. Age and experience combined with the stamina of a twenty-five year old. Ah Viagra, I do enjoy […]

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Losing my libido was a blessing in disguise

Reading Time: 4 minutes It was 2006 when my first book, ‘The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker’ was published to great acclaim. The story of my erotic journey from celibate wife to prolific swinger, within a month it was on the bestseller list and for a brief period I became a minor celebrity. Men I didn’t know emailed […]