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Being at LoveJam, a festival where Baby Boomers are in the Minority

Reading Time: 8 minutes I felt cynical on the way there. I knew I was going to be a rarity. Festivals often feel as though they belong to my generation. Talk about entitlement. Yep, that was me. Putting out festival entitlement. Oh no said a loud voice in my head, not young facilitators, young teachers of yoga, young breathwork […]

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Interview with Emma Meadows from the UK’s first woman-only Festival – WomanFest!!!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Please Introduce Yourself My name is Emma Meadows and I am 46 years of age.  I am a Shamanic Womb Wyse Practitioner, Healer and Teacher and I work closely with women both individually and in groups. I heal, teach and facilitate women to enable and empower them to self heal and reconnect with the truth […]

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AofA People: Leah Thorn – Spoken Word Poet, Activist, Lecturer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Leah Thorn is a spoken word poet, activist and lecturer based in Folkestone, Kent. Her ‘Older Women Rock Festival,’  financed through crowdfunding platform indiegogo, kicks off on 18th February – 12th March. HOW OLD ARE YOU? 67 WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Folkestone, Kent WHAT DO YOU DO? At the moment I’m developing a project, ‘Older Women […]