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A Breath Before Sixty

Reading Time: 5 minutes My hair is grey. I return from my hairdresser having had the last bits of colour chopped out.  I’m now sporting a choppy, silver and pepper pot, topknot, not entirely dissimilar from my beloved dog. I don’t fully understand the impulse to grow out the colour, which had me ditch the hair dye in April. […]

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AofA People: Elainea Emmott – Photographer, Mother

Reading Time: 3 minutes Elainea Emmott, 48, is a wonderfully sensitive and intuitive photographer. She is part of the AoA creative community. We’re proud to have her and her camera in our midst. She’s taken all the marvellous photographs for our Arts Council funded OUTage series of performances and events – The Death Dinner, Taboo Night and next the […]