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My Business – planning your end of life!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jane Duncan Rogers is the CEO of Before I Go Solutions. Her first husband died when she was 54 which led to awful grief but also the book Gifted by Grief which ultimately led to her end of life planning social enterprise. She lives in Scotland, got married again in between lockdowns plus she and […]

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The Death Dinner – Opening up the Last Taboo

Reading Time: 7 minutes ‘After the soaring, a peace like swans settling on a lake. After the tumult and the roaring winds, Silence.’ Sheila Kitzinger, the natural childbirth activist who died in 2015 I am 64, and entering into the terrain of my own drawing-closer mortality – yet talking about death is still forbidden. Sex is so much more […]

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The Ghosts in the Attic

Reading Time: 8 minutes Dear Paul, So we are selling up and have to clear all your stuff from the attic. The boys brought it down from the attic to what used to be Kitty’s room. Kitty said, “Mum, it’s like tons of stuff, not all of it Paul’s, but literally, it’s tons.” “Do you mean literally in the […]