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AofA interview: Topaz Chanteuse – Performer, Singer

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 2017, Suzanne and I were in NYC and we thought we’d do a Flamboyant Tour of the Subway there. Not many ‘flamboyants’ turned up but Topaz Chanteuse capped us all with her purple and black feather headpiece to die for and matching vividly mauve hair. 84-year-old Topaz rapidly turned into our AoA poster woman. […]

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AofA People: Gillian Haqqani – Jeweller

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is your name? Gillian Haqqani Briefly sum up who you are and what motivates you Who am I? That’s a hard one. Factually I’m a twice-married once divorced and now happily separated mum, granny, and former teacher, now a small business owner. What motivates me? I’ve always been very self-motivated, and I’ve always wanted […]

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Getting my Painting into the RA Summer Exhibition!

Reading Time: 7 minutes ‘I am a fan of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. As a younger man, I thought it a bit jumble sale-like. It’s not, and the mix of a piece by a premier league contemporary artist hanging next to a piece by a ‘Sunday painter’ is one of its great appeals…I submitted two pieces to the […]

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AofA People: Nancy Good – Full-time artist/photographer, musician, singer

Reading Time: < 1 minute WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Las Vegas AGE? 56 TELL US WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE YOUR AGE? Frickin’ awesome WHAT DO YOU HAVE NOW THAT YOU DIDN’T HAVE AT 25? Freedom of self and confidence borne of paying attention WHAT ABOUT SEX? Yes, please AND RELATIONSHIPS? Blissfully married HOW FREE DO YOU FEEL? Very WHAT […]

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AofA People: Alfie Thomas – Performer, Composer, Musician

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alfie Thomas plays the accordion and keyboards, sings backing vocals, and composes. Alfie was born in Middlesbrough to Belgian and Cockney parentage. He is a Soho resident and is part of the Society of Imaginary Friends. What is your age? 60 Where do you live? London What do you do? I am half of a […]