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Living in London during Lockdown – Hanja Kochansky

Reading Time: 5 minutes Eighty-three-year-old Hanja Kochansky is living alone and on lockdown in London. Everyone over the age of 70 has been asked to self-isolate for twelve weeks. But what does that mean exactly? Advantages of Age asked Hanja to tell us what her days are like. And what resources she has. The word isolated comes from the Latin insula, which […]

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Ayurvedic advice in the time of the Coronavirus: Do we need a paradigm shift?

Reading Time: 6 minutes These are challenging times… Even if we are not concerned about our own health, we may have loved ones who are at risk, and it may be that the only way we can protect them is by staying away. Jobs are in jeopardy, incomes are compromised and above all, there is much that is unknown: […]