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Book Review: Dear Life – A Doctor’s Story of Love & Loss

Reading Time: 4 minutes Reviewed by Asanga Judge Dr Rachel Clarke is a specialist in palliative medicine. She has often been in the media during the Covid-19 crisis talking clearly about what is needed in terms of provision of PPE, perspectives and compassion. Asanga Judge is a former GP. I am not easily moved to tears, so the fact […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Book Review: Bolder- making the most of our longer lives | Carl Honoré

Reading Time: 2 minutes Carl Honoré is approaching his 50th birthday with trepidation. He’s worried about what happens on the other side and this sets the background for Bolder. This context is worth remembering as you read Bolder. Honoré’s exploration of ageing is a self-confessed part of his own education and need for ‘reassurance’.  Compared to many members and followers of AOA, who’ve been […]