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AofA People: Joolz – poet, novelist, artist, illustrator and tattooist

Reading Time: 5 minutes Joolz, 66, is a poet, novelist, artist, illustrator and professional tattooist. She came to prominence in the 80s when she was often called a punk poetess and was instrumental – Justin Sullivan, the lead singer was her partner at that time – in the rise of New Model Army. She’s still writing, painting, drawing and […]

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How to Live a Rich Life Alone

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve been pondering this question lately, prompted by a number of posts about single life on the Advantages of Age group. I was particularly struck by the post on Bella DePaulo’s book, Singled Out – How Singles are Stereotyped, Stigmatised and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After. Also, the topic was already on my […]

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AofA People: Debra Sofia Magdalene, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Reading Time: 12 minutes Debra Sofia Magdalene, considers herself timeless but came into this body in 1961, she’s a spiritual entrepreneur and a digital nomad. She’s been home-free since 2011. What’s your name? At birth, I was given the name Mary Deborah Philomena plus my family surname on my birth certificate but always known as Deborah. I took on […]

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AofA People: Emma Salgueiro – Creative director: Graphic design, copywriting, and development of websites projects

Reading Time: 2 minutes Creative director: Graphic design, copywriting, and development of websites projects. I’m also a comedian, specialized in the “Alternative World,” and I’m writing an “erotic-conscious” novel. On the other hand, I’m starting to co-create a Conscious Sexuality Movement (sort of tantric), for “normal” people from 30 to 60, with small gatherings and a festival to happen […]