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AofA People: lili free – Traveller

Reading Time: 2 minutes lili free is at 53, a traveller, a roamer and a location-independent free spirit who is at the moment in New Zealand. She’s a modern nomad. She’s also the mother to two grown up boys. Kavida Rei was/is a Tantric Goddess, masseuse, writer and sensualist. At some point, they will join hands. lili/Kavida is one […]

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Wild, Free and Location-Independent by lili free

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve been home-free and nomadic for over four years now. Time seems to be moving at the speed of light these days, and it doesn’t feel that long since I left the house I’d rented for ten years, packed my ‘stuff’ into storage and stepped (well, actually drove) into freedom. I had thought back then […]

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Lotus, Nun, Mysterious: some brief notes, at 51, of a hetaera woman

Reading Time: 12 minutes Years ago, while in psychoanalysis, and, luckily, fairly early on in this five year period of my life, my shrink suggested, quite casually, that I might be what he termed a ‘hetaera’ woman. I blinked at him. I’d never heard the word before. He directed me to a little known, but seminal paper written in […]

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These Boots are Made for … Licking

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Would you like to have your boots licked?” Ummm. Hmmm. Maybe. Umm. These high, black leather motorcycle boots? Yeah, ok, I guess. He knelt on the floor. He was balding, 40-ish. From Malta. I was at Pedestal, the Female Dominants and Male Submissives monthly gathering at Fire in Vauxhall, in London. It was my first […]

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Having it Both Ways: My Marriage Is Partnered Non-Monogamy

Reading Time: 5 minutes Monogamy is a myth. I know there’s the fairy-tale out there: my one prince/princess charming, the love of my life, will come, and we’ll live happily ever after. But how many of us have had that experience? I do not know a single person who has never, ever been attracted to someone else while in […]