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AofA People: Debra Sofia Magdalene, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Reading Time: 12 minutes Debra Sofia Magdalene, considers herself timeless but came into this body in 1961, she’s a spiritual entrepreneur and a digital nomad. She’s been home-free since 2011. What’s your name? At birth, I was given the name Mary Deborah Philomena plus my family surname on my birth certificate but always known as Deborah. I took on […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes

AofA Interview: Tricia Cusden – Creator of ‘Look Fabulous Forever’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tricia Cusden is a beauty ‘vlogger’ and creator of ‘Look Fabulous Forever’, a global cosmetics brand for the over 50s: ‘At LFF we are not just a beauty brand we are a movement. A movement to celebrate mature beauty, to challenge perceptions and to embrace the benefits of ageing.’ – Tricia Cusden Advantages of Age […]

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Wake Up Older Dating Men – how to get stylish!

Reading Time: 6 minutes So, she’s agreed to go out with you on a date and you’re well-groomed, dashingly well-dressed and generally ready to sweep her off her feet. Or are you? Internet dating is now big. But, despite its growth, I’ve been hearing a lot from woman friends of their disappointment at the poor efforts made by older […]