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Being at LoveJam, a festival where Baby Boomers are in the Minority

Reading Time: 8 minutes I felt cynical on the way there. I knew I was going to be a rarity. Festivals often feel as though they belong to my generation. Talk about entitlement. Yep, that was me. Putting out festival entitlement. Oh no said a loud voice in my head, not young facilitators, young teachers of yoga, young breathwork […]

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AofA People: Hanja Kochansky – Writer

Reading Time: 3 minutes A refugee during the Second World War to Italy, in 1948 Hanja Kochansky went to Johannesburg as an emigrant. In 1966 she played one of Elizabeth Taylor’s handmaidens in the film Cleopatra. In 1972 her book Women’s Sexual Fantasies was published by Ace Books in New York and became a best-seller. She is currently writing […]

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AofA People: Julie Williams – Dog Groomer, Reiki Master, Coach

Reading Time: 7 minutes Julie Williams, 61, runs a mobile dog grooming business called Gentle Friends, is a Reiki Master teacher and the founder of Active Connection, a series of Soul Coaching sessions. Age (in years)   61 Where do you live?  Stockport, Greater Manchester What do you do? I run a mobile dog grooming business called Gentle Friends with […]

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On Ageing With Vitality

Reading Time: 5 minutes The first thing that comes to mind with the word vitality is someone who is leaping about, full of energy and health. But in the process of ageing – I am now nearly 75 – I researched and realised the real meaning of the word vitality. The free dictionary online gives the following descriptions of […]

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How Creating my Own Rituals Helped me Grieve for my Mother

Reading Time: 9 minutes I’m a skeleton collector. I have a large sea-washed radius from a sperm whale beached on the sands in Orkney. Part of its flipper, its hand. One of my most treasured possessions is an early Victorian piece of scrimshaw, engraved with portraits of two women – maybe the whaler’s wife and daughter or maybe his […]

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AofA People: Debra Sofia Magdalene, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Reading Time: 12 minutes Debra Sofia Magdalene, considers herself timeless but came into this body in 1961, she’s a spiritual entrepreneur and a digital nomad. She’s been home-free since 2011. What’s your name? At birth, I was given the name Mary Deborah Philomena plus my family surname on my birth certificate but always known as Deborah. I took on […]