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Shanks’ Pony: Travels on my feet.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Some of my earliest memories, growing up as a child in inner-city London, involve walking. Walking everywhere. I recall trotting alongside my mum, her pushing my sister in a pushchair whilst I clung onto the side handle as we marched, always purposefully, along city streets, through parks, over bridges, past shops and offices and through […]

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On Eccentrics, Fran And Jay Landesman in 1970s London

Reading Time: 6 minutes ON HER BED ‘You must have a very small heart to only love one man, all your life.’ Fran Landesman The gravelly voiced actor, Lionel Stander, who was in London during 1965, working with Roman Polanski in the film Cul-de-Sac, first took me to meet Jay and Fran Landesman. ‘They’ve recently arrived from New York […]

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The Yeastie Girlz Interview

Reading Time: 7 minutes SERENA CONSTANCE interviews with Cammie Toloui, co-founder of 80s feminist rap band, the Yeastie Girlz.  It’s a muggy Friday night in August, and on the spur of the moment, I’ve made it to the last Haiku Hands UK tour gig in the intimate venue above the Hope and Ruin bar in Brighton. I’m not disappointed […]

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On Reading

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mish Aminoff Moon, 61, is a photographer and a member of AoA. Here she describes what she does. She was born in London into a tight-knit Persian Jewish Community and brought up in a multilingual household which alternated between English, Farsi and Hebrew. ‘When I’m walking around a city and suddenly notice something that sparks […]

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A Breath Before Sixty

Reading Time: 5 minutes My hair is grey. I return from my hairdresser having had the last bits of colour chopped out.  I’m now sporting a choppy, silver and pepper pot, topknot, not entirely dissimilar from my beloved dog. I don’t fully understand the impulse to grow out the colour, which had me ditch the hair dye in April. […]