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Being at LoveJam, a festival where Baby Boomers are in the Minority

Reading Time: 8 minutes I felt cynical on the way there. I knew I was going to be a rarity. Festivals often feel as though they belong to my generation. Talk about entitlement. Yep, that was me. Putting out festival entitlement. Oh no said a loud voice in my head, not young facilitators, young teachers of yoga, young breathwork […]

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On Turning Sixty

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March 2020, I turned 60. I had a big party planned six months earlier, as we were in lockdown, and I wanted to allow guests to fix a date in their diary. Friends commented on my forward planning and enjoying having an event to look forward to. I envisaged singing, dancing, a gorgeous vanilla […]

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My Business – planning your end of life!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jane Duncan Rogers is the CEO of Before I Go Solutions. Her first husband died when she was 54 which led to awful grief but also the book Gifted by Grief which ultimately led to her end of life planning social enterprise. She lives in Scotland, got married again in between lockdowns plus she and […]

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No, No, No – Age isn’t just a Number

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is the first in a series of our OUTRAGE opinion columns about what gets our personal goats as older people. Please do join in. Write to me at with your suggestions. It appears on threads in discussions all the time. This innocent anodyne little sentence – Age is just a number. It is […]

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How I Found my House in the Magical Spanish Mountains

Reading Time: 12 minutes I started my Spanish adventure in 1997, just as Tony Blair ended 18 years of Conservative rule with the slogan ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. I was one of a number of young BBC journalists helping with the count on Election Night, but soon after fled the BBC on a trip to Mojácar in Spain, […]

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Why I had to Write This Book

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year, Dr Eva Chapman wrote about her book, ‘Sexy at 70’ for us at ‘Advantages of Age’. Here she explains why she had to write her latest book, ‘Butterflies & Demons’.  Butterflies and Demons is set in Adelaide, South Australia. After a vision, in 2006, about the Adelaide Aborigines (the Kaurna), I felt compelled […]

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Age is no Barrier to Getting your Book Published

Reading Time: 4 minutes Judy Piatkus, 71, is an entrepreneur, publisher and business coach specialising in conscious leadership. She founded Piatkus Books when she was in her 20s and grew the company to become an international brand, before selling it in 2007, just before the global financial crash that she had shrewdly foreseen. She is now a keynote speaker […]